Improve your phone's accessibility


  • Task bar
  • Switch between programs


  • Be careful when using the X

Very good

WkTASK is designed to improve the accessibility and functionality of your mobile phone. It allows you to see all programs that are running in the upper task bar, similar to the way you do on a Windows desktop, change between windows and stop programs individually or simultaneously, especially useful if one or all are causing you problems.

You can also easily alter the volume, brightness of the display, change the screen between landscape and portrait and even restart and shutdown the network connection.

One of the simplest and most usable functions of the software is the option of gaining direct access to those programs that you use most frequently.

A word of advice - the X button has a number of uses ranging from closing everything down to switching between tasks. The problem is if you accidentally tap it too many times then you can get the wrong result.

WkTASK shares features of both Task Manager and Program Launcher for Windows Mobile 5/6. You can switch all running programs smoothly like desktop Windows, and launch applications easily.

Not only stylus operation but also key operation is available. Although the look & feel closely matches the theme color and make the 3D gradation, its CPU and memory usage are low.




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